Explore Historic Irvinebank


Watsonville windmillDrive west from Herberton, notice the old mine workings to the right of the road as you come down the Watsonville range. Slow down for the tiny hamlet of Watsonville with its windmill in the middle of the road.

From there you pass through the Bakerville area with its stands of Eucalyptus alba (white smooth bark and large leaves.)

Just after Bakerville is the Stannary Hills turn off take the road to the left and you come to the Jumna Creek area, which is the most accessible place to view the ground cover purple wattle – Acacia purpureapetala and Grevillea glossadenia.local cycad

From the Jumna area you climb the Irvinebank range then past stands of Cycads and into Irvinebank.


 animation3Established in 1882, the settlement grew into one of the major towns in the North and when you explore this Heritage Town, you’ll discover a place like no other.

Irvinebank offers the visitor a glimpse of a village, which was once the centre of a vast mining empire, stretching across North Queensland and beyond.

Visit Loudoun House Museum the home of John Moffat the founder of Irvinebank.

View and photograph the School of Arts hall, the old Queensland National Bank, Tramway Station, Vulcan mine, the old Police Station and Court House. The old Post and Telegraph Office, Mango Cottage, Freethinker Cottage and the Cemetery are picturesque windows to the past.

The Irvinebank Tavern Ph 40964176 to check current opening hours

Irvinebank figtreesThere are some fantastic photographic opportunities around the heritage-listed buildings and by the town dam where you can enjoy a refreshing swim.

Between Irvinebank and Watsonville can also be found Jumna Dam, popular with campers

You can picnic under the magnificent 100-year-old fig trees (Ficus benjamina) in the centre of Irvinebank.


black swans at IrvingbankWith over 100 species of birds recorded you can relax and enjoy some bird watching.


TIrvinebank rare plantshe Irvinebank area is well known amongst plant enthusiasts for rare and unusual plants including two endemic species – found nowhere else in the world. Acacia purpureapetala is the only wattle with purple flowers.

Grevillea glossadenia is a 2 m busy shrub with bronze new growth and orange-red flowers. Both these species can be viewed with ease from the road side at the Jumna Creek area. There are also many other interesting flora species in the Irvinebank area.